Walk for Choice
Press Release

Walk for Choice to Take Place May 21 Around the Country

Walk for Choice, an event protesting the assault on women’s rights being carried out by the Republican-controlled Congress, had its first walk in February 2011. Now, organizers in 10 cities are coming together on May 21st to once again protest the ongoing war on women’s rights.

Chicago, IL – May 20, 2011 – On Saturday, May 21st, ten cities across the country will rally for reproductive rights. For two months, activists have been planning “Walk for Choice,” a repeat of the February event that attracted thousands nationwide, particularly in the Midwest.

"This event wouldn’t have been possible without social media," said Raven Geary, the director of Walk for Choice in Chicago. "Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in putting us all in touch with one another. Our message is clear: we’ve had enough, and we’re committed to forming a new grassroots pro-choice movement."

She said threats to women’s health and livelihoods were exemplifying how little the current Congress cares about women.

"It’s a scary time to be someone seeking reproductive health services," Geary said. "Redefining rape? Mandating the investigation of miscarriages? Defunding Planned Parenthood? Politicians claim it’s about protecting women, but we know that’s a blatant lie. It’s in fact an outright war on women, and it’s also at its core an attack on every American’s right to privacy."

Some of the cities involved include Chicago, Salt Lake City, Kalamazoo, D.C., San Francisco, Tampa, Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, and Minneapolis.

“We believe that everyone should have access to the services that Planned Parenthood provides. We believe that a person should have rights and options in every aspect of
reproduction,” said Jamie Carter, who’s organizing Walk for Choice in Salt Lake City. “This includes the right to make decisions about how to give birth as well, the right to refuse a C-section, to give birth at home, to get up and walk around in the hospital, or to demand every intervention we feel we need.”

Pro-choice activists in Texas are also planning a statewide Walk for Choice in Austin on May 28th. Carpools and buses will be organized from Dallas, Houston, and several other cities.

"Texas is committed to furthering the women’s movement. We maintain our unapologetic stance on reproductive justice, and abortion rights,” said Brit Schulte, the Dallas, Texas Walk for Choice organizer. “We will continue to struggle and participate in direct non-violent demonstrations to counter the legislative attacks on women’s bodily autonomy.”

For more information, visit WalkforChoice.tumblr.com.


Reproductive health services cannot be obstructed at a time when families need them most–-or ever. We believe our representatives WILL listen if we’re as loud and determined as the conservatives who will stop at nothing until they control every womb in the country.

We trust our friends and neighbors to make the best decisions for themselves regarding sex, contraception and parenthood. We value the privacy of the patient-physician relationship.

Roe v. Wade means nothing if abortion is inaccessible due to distance, lack of funds, or waiting periods. And on that note, we don’t believe skirting the issue of abortion serves any purpose. ALL reproductive choices need to be protected. We believe autonomy over our bodies is the most basic of all human rights.

Visit http://walkforchoice.tumblr.com/ or on Twitter @WalkForChoice.