Walk for Choice

…put forward by Rep. John LaBruzzo (R – Metarie). The bill would outlaw all forms of abortion, even if it is medically necessary to save the mother’s life. Any woman having an abortion could receive up to 15 years in jail, as could the doctor providing it. The bill was at one point specifically worded so that abortion would be outlawed “to the extent allowed by the Supreme Court.” That wording was taken out, making it instead a total ban on abortion. This bill would make abortion completely illegal—no exceptions for life of the mother.

You may remember John LaBruzzo. He also wants to start a program that pays poor women to have their tubes tied.

Please reblog now. The Louisiana House could vote on this as early as next week.

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    I’m ashamed I have to share oxygen with these inbred morons…
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    What a cunt bill.
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    The term is used for those to cover those who are biologically female but don’t identify as women, like transmen or...
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    This is horrible and all but,…uterus bearers? I swear if that’s the new pc term for women then I quit
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    Fuck this asshole and anyone who agrees with him. This is fucking inhumane. If he were a woman he’d understand how big a...
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    oh god please someone take me away to sweden already i am scared to live here
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    What in all of fresh hell is this mess.
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    Are you fucking serious, who would even begin to consider passing a law like this? America is a fucking bizarre, alien...
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    source So not only is it an attempt at destroying the rights of the female-bodied folks of Louisiana, the anti-choice...
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    I just I can’t
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    I am currently incoherently muttering obscenities.
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