Walk for Choice
Terminology we need to be aware of: walk, NOT march.

As more and more Facebook event pages pop up, I’ve noticed some of the organizers referring to Walk for Choice as a protest march. I urge you all to avoid using the term march.

Because Walk for Choice was created only two weeks ago, most of the events don’t have the permits required to “march.” A march implies that a large group of people will be walking from point A to point B. This is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. If you do not have a parade permit—and most of you won’t—, you can’t block any streets or sidewalks. The vision I personally have for WFC is a walk around/through the central downtown area of each city, speaking to pedestrians and inviting them to walk with you for a while as you talk.

Don’t get hung up on remaining together; it’s inevitable that smaller groups will break off and that’s fine. This is why Twitter and the other social media will be so important on the day of the event…if you get separated from anyone, you can still communicate with everyone and arrange to meet somewhere at a specific time.

So, if the Facebook info for your event refers to WFC as a march, I’m going to suggest that you change it to walk.

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