Walk for Choice
Mapping your Route

We decided that it would be in our best interest to make WFC a moving target. As we walk, we can avoid anti-choice counter-protestors as well as police and pedestrian interference. If you stay in motion and avoid blocking city sidewalks and streets, you won’t need a permit to assemble. If you have questions about this, contact your city hall first. Ask other organizers about their strategies for previous events.

We strongly suggest that you follow this model for your demonstration:

  • Map out specific places you would like to pass on your walk.
  • Include high-traffic areas like parks, museums and transportation centers. Choose what is important to your community.
  • Avoid crisis pregnancy centers or other pro-life venues if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Please avoid the hottest part of the day! You can start your walk at whatever time you like.
  • Separate into groups and go opposite directions, circling the area. This was a very effective strategy in Chicago and earned us a lot of attention! It’s why we like to use the term “walk” instead of “march!”
  • Exchange literature along the route.
  • Invite pedestrians and bystanders to join you!
  • End the walk in one location at a specific time.

Do not release your route to the general public until the day before. After that time, use your social network tools to flood the web with your walk’s information. Submit your route directly to the Chicago team at that time and we’ll add you to the global map. Use caution in sharing your map for collaboration. You can use Google Maps to create a private route and share it between people you trust, but you can also use any other method you like.

Every rally needs to be inclusive of people who are unable to walk along the route. Please map out some points of interest where people can peacefully stand or sit—such as coffee shops, internet cafes, outdoor seating, etc.—and this will be your non-walking route. In case of inclement weather, demonstrators can assemble peacefully at these points.